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We deliver a technology enabled solution to improve human performance in every body.

  • Mobilized for Scalability
  • Athlete Management
  • Standardized Testing
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Targeted Programming
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Improved Continuity of Care
Fusionetics is a Performance Health System designed to reduce injuries, decrease pain, optimize performance, and speed recovery.

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Fusionetics can help your patients move better, perform stronger and recover faster. Plus we’ll help your clinic to:

• Get More Patients
• Improve Productivity & Capacity
• Extend the life-cycle of each patient

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Our membership solutions system provides your club with evidence-based assessment, programming and member connectivity. Plus, we can help you to:

• Differentiate from your competition
• Attract new members
• Convert members into personal training clients
• Retain existing members

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We address the performance needs of today’s
professional and non-professional sports teams,
as well as average, active individuals. Plus, we help athletes with:

• Targeted programs to empower improvement
• Decreasing time lost to injury
• Remote access to schedules and profiles

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The Fusionetics Performance Healthcare System revolutionizes the way technology is used to turn complex science into simple, efficient and results-oriented applications.

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The Fusionetics Performance Healthcare System provides integrated training programs designed to address movement efficiency and improve performance capacity.

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The Fusionetics Performance Healthcare System utilizes an efficient implementation process allowing users to focus on individual programs that help to deliver better results and achieve goals.

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Grant Hill
I had many injuries in the beginning of my career. Once I discovered the Fusionetics System, my imbalances were corrected and I was able to play and perform at an elite level.
Grant Hill
By identifying your specific performance needs, you are will be able to train at a higher level, compete at a higher level, and avoid debilitating injuries. The ability to address chronic mechanical issues, that continue to hamper your performance and limit your ability to compete at your best is a key to winning at any level. Fusionetics has created a system that not only addresses these specific needs for any athlete, but can help you maintain your competitive edge.
Wally BlaseHead Athletic TrainerAtlanta Hawks & Philips Arena
From a coaching perspective, I really like the individual assessment and programming. Fusionetics addresses problems for the individual player instead of trying to do the same thing for all the athletes. My athletes are all different and Fusionetics addresses that individuality very well. We are healthier and we are winning. What could be better than that?
Jennifer MillsHead Volleyball CoachClarion University of Pennsylvania
Implementing the Fusionetics system into my practice has allowed me to provide a specific, personalized corrective exercise plan for patients. With the Fusionetics platform’s evidence-based system, the guesswork is taken out of prescribing corrective exercises allowing me to objectively track patient progress through a standard testing and programming process.
Monte D. Hessler, DC, CCSPTeam chiropractor- Phoenix Suns, Chiropractor- PGA medical staff, Team chiropractor- San Francisco Giants
The Mavericks were looking for a platform to provide proven data in a format that is valid, reproducible, and useful for individuals across our performance and medical staff. The Fusionetics system provides us with this in a format that allows us to still customize our protocols to our individual skill sets. The functionality and portability match the demands of our travel and game schedules.
Casey Smith, MS, ATC-L, PES, CESHead Athletic TrainerDallas Mavericks
This platform is simply amazing. Pro sports executives have long searched for a resource to help prevent and rehab injuries. Fusionetics’ innovative combination of research, technology and common sense offers a remarkable solution.
The Fusionetics platform delivers a groundbreaking injury prevention and treatment program for the entire spectrum of athletes — elite pros, rising youngsters and adult weekend-warriors will all improve health and performance with this innovative approach.
Tom PennESPN NBA Analyst, Former VP of Basketball Operations, Portland Trailblazers Co-FounderSports Leadership Institute
Fusionetics is the ideal platform for both athletes and practitioners that want a detailed corrective plan with step by step programming. Having a color coded score(red, yellow, green) makes it incredibly easy to see where the athlete stands in his/her movement efficiency and the score provides a marker to help the athlete improve as an individual or see how he/she compares to teammates.
Aaron Nelson, MS, ATC, AT, PES, CESVP, Athlete Care, Head Athletic TrainerPhoenix Suns
The Fusionetics system transformed my corporate drone / weekend warrior body. It used to be that I barely was able to enjoy the outdoor activities I love, but always had pain afterwards. After using the system intensely it created a wholly functioning body that was strong and capable. This system and the extraordinary instruction enabled me to create some amazing accomplishments and treasured memories since I first started using it.
Karen StaffordFusionetics User and Raving Fan
By using the Fusionetics system, it allowed me to continue to play NFL football as a fullback for the Arizona Cardinals in my 1st year in the league. I had sustained multiple injuries during my career that had caused me pain and decreased range of motion in my joints. Through using the Fusionetics system of therapy and training, I was able to perform at a high level and not have the joint pain that I had experienced in the past. I credit the Fusionetics system for keeping me on the field.
Dan KreiderNFL Fullback
Our family has made a living in sports and fitness since our beginning. From the health clubs we help build, such as Gold’s Gyms and 24HF to the youth teams we coached and our son’s continuing athletic endeavors, we have always used the Fusionetics methodology for training, conditioning and rehab. Where standard practices often failed in helping get athletes back on the field or help prevent non-contact injuries, the Fusionetics team succeeded.
Neal SpruceFounder and CEO of dotFIT Worldwide


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