The Human Performance Company that integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery.


We deliver an evidence-based Human Performance Solutions:
  • Human Performance Management
  • Standardized Testing
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Targeted Programming
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Continuity of Care


We are solving for:
A $900B/yr human movement problem caused by a sedentary life-style, poor posture, and poor movement control that leads to preventable overuse injuries and pain. A $7B/yr sports performance problem caused by inefficient training and recovery, which leads to muscle imbalances, poor movement control, and preventable injuries.


Through the leadership of Dr. Micheal A. Clark, scientists, sports medicine professionals, coaches, athletes and business leaders have come together to help people improve their performance. Fusionetics is the compilation of over a decade of research, field-testing and the relentless pursuit to perfect human movement. The results speak for themselves with over a 40% reduction of injuries in professional sports when this system was implemented. The Fusionetics Human Performance Systems platforms were developed with every aspect of the systems and programs generated following an evidence-based model. It’s been scientifically proven in the field, and it has been developed to be end user and practitioner friendly, and ultimately is end-user focused.

Dr. Micheal Clark

Chairman, Founder & C.E.O.

Regarded as one of the top experts in human movement science. Dr. Clark founded the National Academy of Sports Medicine, has been the Physical Therapist for the Phoenix Suns for 13 seasons, and served as a sports medicine professional at two Olympic Games. He is also a specialist and consultant to numerous pro teams and athletes.

Ben Tucker

Chief Operating Officer

A 15+ year industry veteran, Ben was a SVP at Sharecare Inc. and former President and COO of the Health and Fitness Provider Network. He also served as the VP of Sales and Marketing at NASM, and is credentialed in performance and corrective exercise. Tucker was a four year letterman with the USC Trojans and played baseball professionally.

Tyler Wallace

Chief Product Officer

A 15+ year industry veteran who served as the VP of Business Development for NASM, and is currently the Director of Performance and Recovery with the Phoenix Suns. Wallace was a former clinic partner with Mike Clark and is a NASM certified trainer with CES and PES certifications.

Craig Gatzlaff

Chief Marketing Officer

A 17+ year industry veteran in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. Craig has deep experience combining sales, marketing and business development expertise to deliver substantial revenue growth in highly competitive markets. Craig led the sales and direct marketing efforts at Bowflex from 1998 to 2006 and was responsible for the accumulation of $2.5 billion in gross sales.

Dr. Darin Padua

Professor at the University of North Carolina Department of Exercise and Sports Science. Darin is also the Director of UNC Sports Medicine Research Laboratory and is the Chair- person of the Research Committee for the National Athletic Trainers Association Research and Education Foundation.

Dr. Thomas Carter

The team physician for the Phoenix Suns. Dr. Carter is the President of the Orthopedic group that covers Arizona State and other local programs. He serves in leadership positions with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dale Rudd

Currently the Associate Athletic Trainer at the University of Arizona, the 35+ year veteran of NCAA Division I athletics has also served as the Director of Sports Medicine at UCLA, Stanford, UNLV, Pepperdine and Cal. He was the athletic training curriculum director at Purdue University and CSUN. He was vital to the creation of The National Athletic Trainers Association document Appropriate Medical Coverage in Intercollegiate Athletics.

"I have long believed that prevention of injury in intercollegiate athletics would be a vital key to student/athlete health. Fusionetics has given me the tool to genuinely make an impact in a meaningful way. It will take a major paradigm shift and Fusionetics will lead the way."

Aaron Nelson

The head ATC for the Phoenix Suns who has received the ATC of the Year award from the NBA and is the Chairman of the Arizona Board of Athletic Training.

Jim Thorton

A leader in athletic training and President of the National Association of Athletic Trainers (NATA). Mr. Thorton is also the ATC for Clarion University.

Casey Smith

Since 2004, Casey has served as joined the Dallas Mavericks Head Athletic Trainer where his primary duties involve daily medical care, injury rehabilitation, athletic performance enhancement, physician liaison and sport science assessment. Smith joined the Mavericks from the sports medicine staff of the Phoenix Suns, where he was head strength and conditioning coach and assistant athletic trainer. He is a 1994 graduate of West Virginia University with a Master’s of Science in Athletic Training, and he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Arizona State University in 1992. Smith recently served as athletic trainer for the USA Men’s Senior National Basketball Team, including the gold-medal-winning teams at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2010 FIBA Championships in Istanbul, Turkey and the 2012 London Olympics. He has also worked as athletic trainer for the men’s boxing team at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. He has traveled extensively with the NBA's Basketball Without Borders program to Buenos Aries, Johannesburg, and Beijing.

"One of the primary orders of business for me in regard to my work with the Dallas Mavericks is evaluating technology to keep us at the forefront of health, science and sport. The Fusionetics platform gives us the ability to improve our athletes' health and performance while providing objective feedback and specific adaptations for improvement that can be sorely lacking in today's age of "gather data at all costs" mentality. The flexibility, portability and intuitive interface allows for members across our health and performance to work seamlessly to provide results for our athletes, management and ownership."

Mark Coberley

MS ATC LAT PES CES CSCS Director of Athletic Training/Associate Athetics Director Iowa State University

NCAA Division 1 Head Athletic Trainer of the Year NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Past Chair – Big 12 Conference Medical Aspects of Sport Committee Big 12 Conference Athletic Training Staff of the Year Recognized speaker nationally on athletic injury management

"We have utilized corrective exercise strategies for nearly a decade for rehabilitation and injury prevention. The Fusionetics system allows us to expand our efforts to more athletes with more consistency and focus in on particular problematic areas with particular athletes with individualized therapeutic techniques. Efficient and consistent movement screening of the system allows us to effectively identify potential injury problems and create an individualized program for the athlete to give them the best chance for optimal health and performance. The feedback provided to the athlete and the promotion of continuity of efforts between our medical and strength and conditioning staff’s approach to movement correction, injury prevention, and performance is unparalleled. Parameters of the program are evidence based and have produce highly effective results. There are few things I have come across in over 25 years in sports medicine I have considered potential “game changers”. Fusionetics, however, has the potential to be just that."

Grant Hill

An NBA all-star who has seen the benefits of the Fusionetics system in his career. Grant is an advocate for player safety in the NBA.

Tony Gonzalez

Gonzalez a 14 time NFL pro bowl selection has been touted one of the healthiest players in football in that span missing only 2 games in 17 years. He also holds the touch down record for tight ends at 111. Gonzalez makes it a point to take great care of his body and has been using Fusionetics to ensure he not only performs better, but moves better and recovers better via post activity, workouts and his active lifestyle.

Jeff Saturday

A leader with the NFL Players Association and an advocate for player safety. Jeff played on the Superbowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and was a six time all pro player. Jeff used the Fusionetics System throughout his career and was able to play virtually injury free.


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